Waiting for Real Life to Begin

Well, that whole law school thing didn't work out.I lost hair, gained weight, went into debt, got depressed, pulled myself together, and quit.

That's really all I have to say about that.


It is settled. A new chapter begins. It is time to go back, to Alaska. I always knew I wanted to go back, but I didn't know when or how. The travel plans include driving north starting the end of April. We will drive 4800 miles with a full box trailer, three dogs (yes, we have added to the pack) and at least one cat (that's a long story in itself).
Best of all, I will be driving back with my husband. Sometimes going where the wind takes me actually pays off. 

I can't wait to get back to life in the Great Land!


Lazy Days of Summer

Looks like my summer days are coming to an end soon.

I'm really doing this law school thing. I have registration and the swearing in ceremony on Monday. Then Tuesday through Thursday is filled with mock classes such as The School Experience, The Judicial Process, Case Analysis, and Financial Aid Workshops. Then Friday is an Examination followed by an All-Campus Picnic.

I am anxious and excited that this time has arrived in my life where I have finally come to a point that I have been working towards for the last 3 years. I have always had a small inkling in my mind that I would enjoy being a lawyer. But my life, and my choices in my life had inhibited such a direction. Until I met Matt. We were living in Atlanta in a house I could barely afford on my meager waitressing wage after losing my construction career, when Matt asked me a question. It was a question my parents had asked me numerous time, yet at the moment when Matt said it I heard it. More importantly I heard my response. He asked me if I could go back to school and do anything what would I do?

At the time, I had an associated degree from University of Alaska Anchorage in Small Business Administration and was 29 years old. I had three dogs, bills, a car on its last leg, and $200 to my name. I was in no position at the time to go back to school. How would I pay for tuition? Books? How would I make a living and pay my rent? I remember thinking, Isn't it too late for me to start over in my career??

I told him I would go to law school and become a lawyer that specialized in construction law and federal procurement.

I always like contracts. I like how they are clear and substantially detailed and outline exactly what the parties are agreeing to do. Yet there is still so much misunderstanding and interpretations. In construction I have seen so many times the smaller company get the short end of the stick often because they don't realize what they are signing when they sign a subcontract. I would like to work in the field, but on the side of the federal government procurement contracts.

Matt asked me what I needed to do to make that happen. At the time, I was looking at 2 more years at least, to finish up my Bachelors degree. Plus three years of law school. So here I am.... it took me almost 5 years to get here. I am 34 years old now, and starting my 1L year. I will be 37 when I finish and will have almost 8 years of higher education. I still have not come to terms with the total dollars spent, but it is a lot!

So here I go. Wish me luck!

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What I Did Over My Summer Break

My office before....



After....all set for briefs and...stuff!

Front room before.....


Kitchen, dining before.....


Entry way before....

Organized entry area after....I love Ikea!

Scary basement before....

After... Waterproofed walls and organized laundry area.....

Scary old cabinets before....

Fresh paint, cleaned and new shelves....after! Now it's Matts work organizing area.

Under the stairs before was a spider lair! I swear there were 100 year old webs under there!

Few coats of fresh paint and new shelves went along way! Now this is where We have our freezer and our household tools....

It might not look like much but it's been a lot of little things to make it feel like home.

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What a Weekend!

In our clean up efforts, we found this little critter! YIKES! I almost had a heart attack! I found him under a huge pile of leaves, he was under an old cinder block piece.

And we found this pre-historic creature! That's the biggest slug I've EVER seen! We thought we was pretty special until we found another one identical on the other side of the house.

Early Spring/Late April:

Spring has sprung! Look at the jungle growth we are battling!

Late Winter/Mid March:

This poor lot has been unloved for many decades now. It's like that show about what would happen if there were no humans. The vines and jungle growth would take over everything in just a few years! What is better? (or worse!) Jungle and overgrowth??? or Human's garbage and mess!!! Look at this monster mess we bought! It was so overwhelming, but with some serious sweat equity we made a new yard!

But this was our biggest victory to date with our new house! We still have a lot to do, but this clean up feels fresh and clean at the very least... and a very good start to projects to come! Happy Spring!


Virginia Beach Shamrock Marathon

As always, I was wishing all my loved ones were with me and could see how beautiful the beach was!
And as always, my heart is in the Last Frontier!
I had a great time on the beach! The weather was windy, sunny and perfect for me!
This was Matt's 5th Marathon in the 4th state.... He is going for 50 in 50 states. Only 46 more to go!!!
Here are the guys at 7:45 am ready to go!!!Matt just pass the half way point! Still smilin!
GO DOD GO!! Dod flew by at the Half Way marker- too fast for me to get a picture!
But I got a good shot of Dod at the last half mile. He was sprinting and so focused he didn't even see us!!!!
Matt came in the last half mile still smiling and glad to have another one in the bag!

This was Dod's first marathon! And he did GREAT! I couldn't believe how together he was at the finish! It was fun to be there for him and Matt! GREAT JOB GUYS!!!
Next year- Alabama!


New Place

I missed the forest so much we decided to buy a small forest! At least that is what it feels like in the middle of the city! Here is a little preview...


Almost a Year Since My Last Post!

Memorial Weekend Hike on the PA AT.
I'll ease myself back into bloggin more and watching less tv.